We are ready to provide filming services: to cover wars in all areas of conflict. We are also ready to provide photography services: family events, public events, sports and art, up to important developments in the fields of health, science and technology

Photo services

We are working on producing exclusive and rare pictures that remain the top headlines in major newspapers around the world. The most important magazines in the world have made them on the front pages. Dejavu seeks to meet the needs and requirements of news agencies, newspapers, magazines, websites, television stations, publishing houses and advertising agencies from exclusive images and videos by relying on world's leading photographers, filmmakers and journalists to provide high quality, exclusive news and rare photos.


Video services

We work on producing documentaries around the world and in the most turbulent places, based on knowledge, competence and correct scientific training


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DEJAVU aims to create a generation of experienced media professionals who work in the field of investigative journalism and pursue events even in the most volatile places, based on the right knowledge, competence and scientific training