LOUAI BARAKAT , 26 years old, was born in Aleppo, Syria.
He remained in Aleppo until 2016, then left Aleppo due to the forced mass displacement that took place in the city in 2016.
Everyone was transported by bus to the countryside from the city. And the Syrian regime and Russia have taken the city of Aleppo.
A freelance journalist at the start of the Arab Spring in 2011,
he was one of the participants in documenting the crimes of the dictatorial regime in Syria.
He started working with Images live UK in 2012, as a freelance photojournalist,
He was one of the participants in the filming of some of the clips for the film * / Goodbye Aleppo / *
for the BBC, He covered the war in Syria Aleppo for four years and his photos have been featured in many international
newspapers on the Syrian conflict, He also covered the demonstrations of yellow vests in France, in 2019, He now lives in France
and currently works freelance photojournalist for the agency SIPA PRESSE and IMAGES LIVE UK Agency.
He hoped to complete his studies in journalism at the University of Marseille.

He has won numerous awards:

Award Images Live UK Agency 2015, Allard prize for the year 2018, PRIZE the Laurent Troude scholarship

second place for the year 2020, ND Awards photo competition in the year 2020


correspondant de guerre à Alep de 2012 à 2016 .
2015 - D & B Academy Film School à Istanbul et GAZIANTEP pour la photographie .
2016 - agence IMAGES LIVE à Londres - Agence turque ANADOL .
2016 - BBC-NBC - Spectacle PANORAMA 52 mn .
2016 - Prix RORY PECK "au revoir ALEPPO" avec le soutien de la BBC .
2017 - Exposition radio MISTRAL .
2018 - freelance chez SIPA PRESS .
2018 - exposition SISTERON .
2018 - exposition REILLANE .
2018 - HPI et LA PROVENCE (journal) .
2018 - 30e Festival international de photojournalisme VISA PERPIGNAN Projection à Campo Santo. "ALEP" .
2019 - LES NUITS DE PIERREVERT. Projection "gilets jaunes" .
2019 - exposition à l'hôpital de Manosque »URGENCES« .
2019 - 31e Festival international de photojournalisme VISA PERPIGNAN projection à Campo Santo. "GILETS JAUNES" .

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