LOUAI BARAKAT Photojournalist Born on 08/03/1994 in Aleppo, married, I have two children.
Syrian photojournalist I covered the civil war before being forced to leave Syria and take refuge in France with my family.

I left Aleppo on 08/23/2016 after being arrested three times by the Syrian security forces. I spent about a year in detention between 2012 and 2013.

The first time in 2012, I was arrested after demonstrating for democracy, I was detained for 15 days, tortured, then released.
The second time in 2012, a month and a half, because of a demonstration there too, and I was able to go out paying a sum of money to an officer.

The third time in 2012/2013 lasted nine months, I was transferred by military aircraft from the Aleppo State Security Section to the general management of Kfar Soussa in Damascus.

I have been horribly tortured, I have burn marks on the hookah, a cigarette on my legs and other physical marks from beating.
Then I went out on a prisoner exchange with Iranians - Turkey served as a mediator (IHH).

During my 2 month stay in Turkey, I learned journalism from D&B.
I then returned to Aleppo to photograph and document the crimes of the Syrian regime against civilians.

(I was also arrested by Daesh on 01/08/2014 because I carried the flag of the revolution on my hand and I participated in demonstrations which demanded freedom.)

I was present in Aleppo during the first siege of the city and the situation was difficult for me. Before the end of the siege of Aleppo, I was injured in a bombardment and I received several shrapnel to the head and arms while I documented a bombing of 07/11/2016.

Then my house was hit by an explosive bombardment in a barrel of chlorine gas, a toxic gas that my child inhaled on 08/10/2016.
So I decided to leave Aleppo with my family and I went to Turkey illegally.

Now I am a political refugee in France since July 2017

correspondant de guerre à Alep de 2012 à 2016 .
2015 - D & B Academy Film School à Istanbul et GAZIANTEP pour la photographie .
2016 - agence IMAGES LIVE à Londres - Agence turque ANADOL .
2016 - BBC-NBC - Spectacle PANORAMA 52 mn .
2016 - Prix RORY PECK "au revoir ALEPPO" avec le soutien de la BBC .
2017 - Exposition radio MISTRAL .
2018 - freelance chez SIPA PRESS .
2018 - exposition SISTERON .
2018 - exposition REILLANE .
2018 - HPI et LA PROVENCE (journal) .
2018 - 30e Festival international de photojournalisme VISA PERPIGNAN Projection à Campo Santo. "ALEP" .
2019 - LES NUITS DE PIERREVERT. Projection "gilets jaunes" .
2019 - exposition à l'hôpital de Manosque »URGENCES« .
2019 - 31e Festival international de photojournalisme VISA PERPIGNAN projection à Campo Santo. "GILETS JAUNES" .

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